The Rapening is a renamed version of The Löpp when Cody overpowered the poorly summoned Xirnox when Stan first formed and messed with it to the point of almost entirely changing it.

According to The Bible of Stan's notes it changes to the multiverse of the dimension has been hit with the following outcomes:

  1. Binds his master-self to the dimension, disallowing him to leave, but giving him absolute control over the dimension and all of the properties and beings within it.
  2. Renaming The Lõpp to “The Rapening”.
  3. Giving universe hopping capabilities to all survivors of The Lõpp.
  4. Overpowering, renaming, and brutally destroying Hiuran.
  5. Creating an unlimited amount of mini-verses within the original dimension
  6. As a side effect of creating unlimited mini-verses, Stan also infinitely fragmented a small part of himself to rule over huge bundles mini-verses, while the master-Stan wonders, doing whatever he desires.
  7. Unintentionally releasing countless worlds, creatures, lesser gods, and humans from within his imagination, due to his inexperience with his new power.
  8. Assigns George as his ambassador to the Zorf homeworld, and forbids any other explorer Zorfs from entering his dimension.


The chapter one of the Bible of Stan plus some notes

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