The Bible of Stan is a mostly lost chronicles of what happened leading up to The Rapening, the following is a brief run down of the currently lost pages:

  • A 4chan idiot named Steve summons a demon to make his dick bigger, he dies promptly
  • Because of Steve's failure the demon, now named George, is only a head and must summon a smaller Imp to do his work to bring Xirnox into the dimension for The Löpp
  • The Imp is a very low level one because George's sacrafice was so small, thus messes around summoning Xirnox
  • Xirnox ends up bound to a random human walking down the street, happening to be a big-boned dungeon master named Cody
  • Instead of taking over Cody, he got an ability to fight for control and set off The Rapening, which is a renamed Löpp by the Cody side
  • The new being is named Stan and he wonders the newly structured cut-off existence he has wrought with nothing but fun

The first and only currently known chapter + notes can be read here

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