Stuff...Thangs is the first episode of season 1 of Stuff...Thangs and is the first overall episode of the series. The episode was uploaded on Wootpie's channel on April 23, 2017.


Rick & Jesse in front of a mirror singing the "NUMA" song, and Morty just comes completely out of nowhere.

"it really isn't SUMMER FRIDAYS II" Trailer featuring Rick in makeup.

Morty stabs himself with a comb-shaped knife while some music plays.

A straight fire gang sings about idiot friends.

Morty makes a new log post when he's been stranded for 30 days on a mysterious planet. A gun is then pulled on him.

Morty talks about YouTubers setting up fake stories.

Rick starts counting to 69 when normies start invading his house. (The normies being Jesse)

The Unknown Monster.

Jesse gets asked questions by a loud drill sergeant, then they both just start screaming at each other.


Written by Wootpie, JimmyTheKid, and Reece Evans


Wootpie as Rick Szhae

JimmyTheKid as Morty Szhae

Also Starring:

Reece Evans as Jesse Szhae

Archive Footage as The Unknown Monster

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